I now understand the sub prime mortgage crisis, thanks to stick figures.
Rolling Stone ran an article last week (one that I'm too lazy to link to) that discussed the problems with Sarah Palin, and made what I thought was an interesting connection between Palin and reality TV. Now that people are so used to seeing themselves on TV (Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Brother), and since the presidency has such a celebrity aspect, now every soccer (or hockey) mom wants to see herself in the whitehouse. I understand the point of view, though I think it's incorrect.

Talking to D last night, he mentioned another article that discussed how "elite," in politics, has been twisted into "elitism." McCain has this anti-intellectual bent, much like Bush II did. But why not elect smart people? Michael Phelps isn't "elitist" for being good at swimming, he's elite. He's the best man for the job because he has the qualities we look for in a swimmer. Why wouldn't we want the person best suited for the presidency? Or, for that matter, the vice-presidency?


Had a good trip out to West Virginia for Gauley Fest this weekend. Did some boating, saw some paddling videos, did some driving, got a speeding ticket, same old same old.

The whole law school is sick; it's a little like kindergarten. I caught a little bit of it, but so far it's just been sniffling and the like.

Watched 1408 with A. and friends last night. Pretty creepy movie, despite the old, old premise (there's no way he can stay in that room OVERNIGHT). Good to get a little shot of adrenaline every now and again though.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II is still alive and kicking.


It turns out the Saturday of the ND game wasn't just a rainy day, it was the raniest. The wettest day on record for South Bend. It rained all day today too, which was the only thing that prevented me from heading back up to Lake Michigan to catch 6-10 footers. I caught a little surf when A and I headed up there last week, but it was mainly just mushy 3-4 footers. Oh well. I did a bit of homework, and watched a lot of the Wire and played some video games. Really productive. Made a pork tenderloin tonight, which will be folded into the World's Best Sandwich tomorrow. Jimmy John's french bread, bbq ribs, balsamic and garlic pork tenderloin, a little horseradish, some muenster cheese, and some romaine. Yum.


ND won an actual football game this weekend against Michigan. It was a good game; we capitalized on their mistakes, and handled the (heavy, heavy) rain pretty well. Looks like it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. Yay South Bend.

In other news, I landed another clerkship interview. We'll see how that goes. All of the really smart kids (think Good Will Hunting and the Hahvad Bah) are hearing back from the federal bench. Me? Not so much.


Lake michigan. and my inability to rotate photos. Turn your head.


Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew II, in new digs

1st ND home game of 2008, where we limped ahead of the San Diego State. Not an inspiring statrt to the season.


Apparantly beta fish are known for jumping. Hopefully Dr. Bunsen Honeydew the Second is still alive. We're transporting him to a better home tonight.


Face no longer bleedey!

My borked garage door. Fixed now though.


It's rare that I say something great about a corporation, but my laptop was a little borked so I had to get in touch with Dell to get it fixed. I talked with someone online in about 15 seconds, and they sent someone out two days later, who was really helpful and is also going to be replacing a few other bits that were sort of annoying. Good work Dell.