Rolling Stone ran an article last week (one that I'm too lazy to link to) that discussed the problems with Sarah Palin, and made what I thought was an interesting connection between Palin and reality TV. Now that people are so used to seeing themselves on TV (Rosanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Brother), and since the presidency has such a celebrity aspect, now every soccer (or hockey) mom wants to see herself in the whitehouse. I understand the point of view, though I think it's incorrect.

Talking to D last night, he mentioned another article that discussed how "elite," in politics, has been twisted into "elitism." McCain has this anti-intellectual bent, much like Bush II did. But why not elect smart people? Michael Phelps isn't "elitist" for being good at swimming, he's elite. He's the best man for the job because he has the qualities we look for in a swimmer. Why wouldn't we want the person best suited for the presidency? Or, for that matter, the vice-presidency?