Went to a great concert last night; Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem, and Thrice all played the Congress theatre in Chicago. Gaslight put on a fantastic set, and Alkaline and Rise Against were both really good. Thrice was... eh. I managed to browbeat my friend Zach into going along, since I'm not real crazy about going to shows alone. The Congress theatre is about 100 years old, a really impressive place. It was also nice that the floor was slightly cantered forward, since you could see pretty well even from near the back. Not that I was near the back for very long.

The only bad news came on the way home; I was doing 5 mph over the limit on the way back to South Bend, and was pulled over by a cop who was convinced that I was doing 17 over. It was a little surreal; there was nothing I could do to convince him that it wasn't me that set off his radar. I'll see how much the fine is on Monday; I may end up fighting it. Ug.

Today was a chilly ND game that ended poorly. There was still snow in the stands, and there were plenty of snowballs flying around the student section.

Here are a couple of terrible cell phone photos from the concert.


A very successful dinner at home. Scallops over lentils with bacon, dressed with an apple cider reduction and a mascarpone sauce with chives.


Headed to an amazing, amazing show in Chicago on Friday. Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio, and Thrice. The first 3 are in my current 5 favorite bands.

And it's snowing in South Bend. A lot.


A good poem.


Lots of lousy news lately. Economy and such. House still hasn't sold. Back still hurts a bit. Sun hasn't shined in SB in a week or so.

On the bright side, it looks like we cured a guy of AIDS. So there's that.
This is awesome.


It's pretty in South Bend, though it sounds like it's going to be crappy pretty soon. Snow in a couple of days. It's already starting to rain. Though we had a great run of weather for a while.

I'm liking the new laptop; the keyboard feels great, it's quick, pretty light, and the battery lasts forever. Tough to complain. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the cover is all black, and not terribly interesting. I looked at slapping a big sticker or something on it, but decided to go with a stencil. This is a dead mockingbird (think literiature). I hand-cut the stencil, and shot it with Rustoleum plastic paint. Hopefully it stays put. I'm pretty happy with the results so far anyway.
Yesterday I accepted a clerkship in Denver. (Squeeee!). A and I went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant in South Bend, Noma. Collectively, we had crab cakes (good, but not great), a hot-rock cooked asian beef tenderloin (yum), artichoke soup with crab (earthy), and a curried lamb shank (fantastic). The courses were spaced by an amuse brouche of tempura broccoli, chicken, and blue cheese, a pineapple sorbet, and a truffle for dessert. Very, very tasty.


So, we've elected Barack Obama the president of the united states. I'm so proud of my country right now. Go us.


900 posts on the blog now.

I was myself, 4 months ago for halloween, which entailed a bike helmet, my messenger bag, and lots of fake blood and gore. A. was astronaut barbie. It was cute.

Not a lot new going on around here. I'm pretty well moved into the new apartment, and I've got someone looking at the house tomorrow. Still waiting to hear back from judges. World is going to change a fair bit tomorrow. Voted today, fulfilling my civic duty (in a swing state, no less). I've been rebuilding the music collection, and I broke down and bought a replacement iPod.