Went to a great concert last night; Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem, and Thrice all played the Congress theatre in Chicago. Gaslight put on a fantastic set, and Alkaline and Rise Against were both really good. Thrice was... eh. I managed to browbeat my friend Zach into going along, since I'm not real crazy about going to shows alone. The Congress theatre is about 100 years old, a really impressive place. It was also nice that the floor was slightly cantered forward, since you could see pretty well even from near the back. Not that I was near the back for very long.

The only bad news came on the way home; I was doing 5 mph over the limit on the way back to South Bend, and was pulled over by a cop who was convinced that I was doing 17 over. It was a little surreal; there was nothing I could do to convince him that it wasn't me that set off his radar. I'll see how much the fine is on Monday; I may end up fighting it. Ug.

Today was a chilly ND game that ended poorly. There was still snow in the stands, and there were plenty of snowballs flying around the student section.

Here are a couple of terrible cell phone photos from the concert.