I have apparently not yet made my peace with the petty and vengeful spirit that seems to hate me. The photo is of my carbon fiber crankset on my shiny bike; the one I now have to ride in the snow since my snow/rain bike was stolen. I bought a new lock yesterday, and a new helmet today. When riding home from class today, my pedal felt like it was coming loose. I had one unthread itself once, and I assumed that's what was happening. Nope. See that little bit of silver in the hole? That's what's left of the threads that the pedal screws into. The rest of them are still wrapped around the pedal, apparently after coming unglued from the carbon. Suck. The silver lining was that I got a ride home from a nice man in a pickup truck who saw my pedal fall off. I put a phone call and an email into the company who made the crankset; hopefully they can iron things out.