I've been fiddling with Pretty Bike for the past couple of days; still waiting to hear back from the company that manufactured the defective crank, which uses an ISIS spindle, which is annoying. I'll either get them to replace the spindle, or screw in a new bottom bracket and buy a cheap-ish crankset that isn't made out of something that splinters. Blarg.

I've fallen pretty hard for podcasts lately, since I have a longer commute now, and do more walking and such. This American Life, The Moth, and Radio Lab are all fantastic, and I'm breaking into more. I also picked up a few different audio books for the long drive back to MN, and the eventual flight to Atlanta.

The members of my favorite website did a secret santa exchange that I participated in. Haven't received my gift yet, but some lucky person is getting this.

The semester is ramping up to finals pretty hard at this point; my first is on Saturday. The biggest time-suck has been depo skills, which includes a fantastic amount of work that doesn't really amount to anything worthwhile. I like to think that I work more efficently than most, which is sort of at odds with how a lot of the depo skills assingments are setup. We'll see how that goes for me. The rest of the classes should be fine.

I feel like I'm slowly coming out of the funk that I've been in for a while; it's been a pretty tough semester on the whole, though that hasn't really had anything to do with school. Next semster should be better; I only really have one "standard" law school class, Business Associations, which is required. Besides that, I'll be getting credit for my work with the mock trial team, working at the legal aid clinic, and my journal. It should leave a little time for kayaking.