Well, I managed to get out of finals alive. Fed Crim was a gift, Fed Tax was a 4 hour slog but was ultimately pretty fair, and white collar crime and environmental law were both pretty much what I had expected. After I packed everything up in South Bend (and exchanged presents with A.; a purse from italy for her, a soft shell, paddling booties, and a mandoline (the kitchen gadget, not the stringed instrument) for me, and I headed out. It was a little tough getting out of South Bend, since we had been hit with an ice storm on Friday. When A. and I were walking to our last final, we were getting hit with ice pellets and there was thunder and lightening overhead. Bleh.

I drove to my uncle Mark's, where I hung out for a day or so, hanging out with the cousins and beating them at board games, sledding behind the tractor, and going to a winter solstace party, where there was beer and fire. Lots of fire.

In the morning, I got up and threw a few pots with Mark and Mason, and then had to hit the road. Roads were icy for most of the drive, but I managed. Today, it's trying to stay warm, since it's -20 out, and running a few errands.