I'm really excited for Baja; I'm just about packed. I picked up a fishing book from the library, and if it's to be believed, Hoffman and I may be able to eat fish every day on the island (*knocks wood*). I'll have a full report when I get back.


I've been assistant-coaching a local high school mock trial team this year, and they had their regional competition on Saturday. I went, expecting to only stick around for one round, but ended up staying for the duration in order to give critiques and moral support. The first two rounds went well, while the third was a scorched-earth evidentiary battle. Apparently it went well though; they took first, and 2 witnesses were awarded best witness, and one of our attorneys snagged best attorney. I'll be able to help them a little more before I take off for Mexico.

Also, Annie and I saw Taalem Acey at Legends last night. I had to drag her there since it was a poetry reading and all, but he was fantastic. It made me miss the minneapolis slam scene a bit.


A friend and past roommate died this weekend in London. Though I've picked up some details from friends, the university has only released that he died "tragically and unexpectedly." It's a bit of a blow, especially since he lived with me for 9 months. He's the second person I've know who's died at my age.

Wherever he's at now, I hope he knows that a lot of people cared about him.


Annie and I had a nice pre-valentine's day yesterday. We had dinner at Bonefish Grill, then stopped off at an ice cream/chocolate shop for dessert. Then we watched Once at the house, which is a pretty perfect valentine's day movie. It's an indie Irish movie, almost a musical (but not quite), really well done. Annie still has some sort of plague, but I've managed to stay healthy so far (knock wood). Not a lot new otherwise; considered paddling this weekend but will probably try to get some work done instead. I've picked up a couple freelance jobs in the past week or so, so they'll keep me busy too.


Saw Black Sheep (the 2007 kiwi comedy/horror flick, not the chris farley one), which was pretty good; it's about zombie sheep in NZ. Also saw Deathrace 2000, with David Carradine and Stallone, which was fantastic.

It looks like Hoth outside. The pipes in my house froze again. Getting really, really excited for Baja.


Watched King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters today. Great movie, chronicling an up and coming Donkey Kong contender and his bid to get the world high score. Surprisingly tense, considering the subject matter. Take notes, Michael Moore.


Had a thunderstorm last night. Weird.

New bike should show up today. Got a fancy new stove for Baja.

Annie and I are watching the 3rd season of Boston Legal. It's fantastic.


Good day today; woke up late, had breakfast at the farmer's market with Annie, then picked up some fresh eggs, aged parmesan, and some chicken/apple sausages. Then we went to the gym. Headed home, played with bikes for a bit, then got some work done.

Still helping out with the h.s. mock trial program, which is a lot of fun; we sussed out some tricky evidence problems last time.