Had a pretty humdrum week, though I did find a cheap wine that I like. We had Barrister's Ball (aka "Law School Prom") on Friday. It was a pretty nice event; chatted with some people I hadn't talked to for a while, screwed around with my new phone a bit, etc.

Last night A. and I were going to go see Kelly and Darryl from the office; they both write for the show and do their own standup. Tickets were free, which was great, but we showed up 5 minutes too late to get seats, which was not great. So we went home and watched Resident Evil: Extinction instead. And drank wine.

Oh, we also made our own pasta last night. It worked out pretty well, though since we didn't have a pasta machine to roll out the noodles, they ended up pretty thick. That was fine for the dish we were making; kind of a rustic mushroom sauce with goat cheese, but I don't think it would go over too well with spaghetti or something. I may have to break down and get a pasta machine.


Pretty low-key weekend; mainly just got over the flu. Though I was able to go hear Bill Clinton speak on Monday; that was pretty cool.

I also saw a boatload of movies. The 5 second reviews:

The Assassination of Jessie James By the Coward Robert Ford: Good acting, but long and slow
Jumper: Not a bad popcorn flick. Bad acting.
The Mist: Not bad, but didn't really break any new ground either. Good ending.
They Live: Great, subversive late 80s horror/sci fi movie.
A History of Violence: Not bad, interesting idea, though it felt a little too short
Red Dawn: The Ruskies invade the U.S. Charlie Sheen. Good stuff
The Right Stuff: Interesting stuff; the mercury program stuff is cool.


I heard some loud pops last night and thought they might be gunshots. Turns out it was just tear gas.


I managed to get the flu for my birfday. 2nd time in 3 years. Suck. Planning to grab beers with friends tonight; I think if I rest up during the day I can probably choke down some green beer.

Had a good weekend paddling in TN; ran a couple fun creeks and generally had a good time. I should have a trip report up on the paddling blog in a little while. A couple friends from SJU swung by and crashed on my couches on their way to Pittsburgh. Now I'm gonna head home and watch movies in bed. Yay bed!


Saw 30 Days of Night last night with A. It was meh. Comic was better.

Also watched The Fog of War, which was really illuminating. I'd suggest it to anyone who likes good documentaries.

Darlejeeing Limited was pretty good; probably not Anderson's best work, but worth the time. It's a pretty movie too.


The Hostel, about $10 per person per night

Sunse over Camp 2

Camp 2; our first fish dinner

Camp 4, long haul to get the boat above the high tide line

I'm back from Baja, which was fantastic. Lots of paddling, lots of sun. Adam and I hung around La Paz for the first couple days, wandering around the city, provisioning, eating some street food, and lounging around the beach. La Paz is a great town, not too touristy, and pretty busy.

The kayaking trip proper started with a boat shuttle out to the island. We were going to paddle the crossing, but the outfitters wouldn't let us because it was too rough. We were shuttled to an island, where our gear was dumped off and we were on our own on a desert island. We paddled for six days, camping on some wonderful beaches which were otherwise deserted more often than not. We saw dolphins, were chased by sea lions, caught dinner a couple of nights, snorkeled with fish, urchins, and starfish, investigated fish camps, caught a poisonous fish, saw 3ft squid mantles, surfed some swells, and had enough food and water, but just barely. I think we saw all of two clouds.

Our second pair of days in La Paz were a lot like the first, though we had a little better idea of what to eat and where to go. Our lodging was pretty posh, aside from the lack of hot water. The travels home were long; I was on the move for about 28 hours, via a bus ride to San Jose, a taxi to the airport, flight from Los Cabos to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Detroit, and finally Detroit to South Bend. Got to see my mom for about half an hour in MSP; she was traveling from South Africa to home. Then I got to sleep on the floor of the Detroit airport, which was much less fun. All in all, a great trip. Here are a few more photos; Adam had an underwater casing for his camera, so I'll have more once I get them from him.