I managed to blow A. and my reservations at Solera on Friday after taking time to chase after a fellow paddler's gear at the end of an after-work Clear Creek run. A. was patient and I eventually made it, and we had a tasty dinner. Then came a weekend of boating, but in between runs A. and I caught Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (it was eh... the slight mix with sci-fi didn't go over all that well in my opinion), hang out in Eldorado State Park, and grab dinner in Boulder. Tonight: Scrabble.


Things have been going pretty well in Denver; both A. and I are settled in and have started work. Our jobs are a lot different, but tings are working out so far. The apartment is nice, and though it gets a little stuffy during the day I can get home, flip on the a/c, and then head outside to field emails (or post to the blog, as the case may be).

I managed to get in my first after-work paddling run yesterday. Fun stuff. Tonight will be largely devoted to getting a library card and seeing about getting an oil change. This weekend, more paddling.


So, I've made it to Colorado. After sorting out things in South Bend, A and I drove up to MN to visit the family. On Saturday we headed up to the cabin, where we still had about 15 feet of snow pushed up in front of our cabin.

After putting together a mothers-day dinner, we decided to go sailing on Sunday. Since the passenger areas of my sailboat aren't very dry, we put A in my new drysuit, and I wore my drytop. Unfortunately for A, we only had one fleece hat.

It was a fun trip though, and we had good winds. We stayed at the lake through Monday, and my dad and I managed to get out fishing once. Then A's brother flew into MN and the two of them drove out to Sheridan, WY. I had dinner with the grandparents, went shopping with mom, and then crashed on a friend's house in MSP. On Tuesday, I was on the road by 7 for my 13 hour drive. The drive was actually a lot smoother than I had expected; I listened to Obama's Audacity of Hope, which was pleasantly long and ate up a lot of time. Interesting book too. I crashed on a friend's couch, and then spent the next day bumming around Denver on my bike, running errands. On Thursday I got a whitewater run in, and then had dinner with A and her brother at the Columbine Lounge, where you ordered a steak from the chef at the front counter, paid for your meal, and within a few minutes a sizzling piece of meat shows up at your table. Great place.

Though we had originally planned to take in some culture, Friday was spent at the Coors Brewery, which had a pretty interesting tour. We grabbed lunch, and then I moved in to my new apartment. It's cozy, and not too claustrophobic for a studio apartment. To boot, it's less than a mile from work, and a >10 minute bike ride.

Shiney things at the brewery:

I was able to get a beautiful kayak run in up by Vail on Saturday, and today A and I are running errands and trying to get our bearings. Work starts tomorrow.


Sure, I was procrastinating, but at least I was doing so productively. My well-loved messenger bag, complete with Denver skyline. I'll be working in the curly-topped building in the middle.

Also, I didn't get to vote, since I'm apparently not registered like I thought I was. Got registered for the general election though. Merf. Go Obama.
I just finished watching King Corn, which is a pretty fantastic documentary about the corn industry. The way things are now, it's impossible for a farmer to make money without subsidies. The subsidies reward an over-production of cheap corn, which then is turned into corn syrup, largely, or fed to cows in feedlots. Essentially, the government subsidizes happy meals.

What about health care? eh?

Also, we're in the middle of finals week. The first one went pretty well, and I'm feeling good about the second one.

I'm voting today.

A. and I went to the Carriage House the other night for a bit of fine dining. We had a pretty early reservation, and when we couldn't decide on which wine to order, our server set up a mini wine-tasting for us. It was a lot of fun.

I start work in 2 weeks.