A. and I got out hiking this weekend. We hiked to Gibson Lake, which sits at about 12,000 feet. Some photos:

The hike in ended up being a little longer than we expected. We dropped our packs just below treeline, then finished the hike (though some snow) up to the lake. I caught a brook trout (on a fly line, no less) for dinner. Some weather moved in, and we headed below treeline for dinner. The heavy weather moved around us, and the next morning we hiked back up to the lake (one more trout) before heading back to the car, and then back to town for the essentials (Diet Coke for her and ice cream for me).


So, my house was apparently robbed today. My renters left the door open while both of them were out of the house. I think this is one that I'll chock up to momentary stupidity, rather than the house or the neighborhood or anything else. Laptop and a PS3 walked away; everything else was apparently untouched.

Let's see, in other news, A. and I went out to Crested Butte over the weekend to kayak. It was a fun weekend, even for the non-paddling A, I think.

Last night we co-hosted a dinner party for the summers as a send-off for those who are leaving soon, splitting their summers between two firms. The menu was pretty posh:
Roasted olives with almonds, thyme, and orange
Homemade Tapenade
Chilled pea soup shooters with spicy crab
Bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates
Grape truffles (white grapes, blue cheese, macadamia nuts)
White chocolate mousse with blackberries

The shooters and the dates kicked a lot of ass, as did the mousse (which was really easy). Everything actually went over pretty well, and I think everybody had fun.

Our softball team still sucks. 0-2, and we were blown out the last game. We don't have anyone who can throw strikes, which hurts you in slow-pitch softball, since the big hitters can still tee off on us and the weak hitters can just get walked. At least there's beer.

Saw a fox the other day. And a porcupine.


I was reading next to a giant cow statute today. Leif Enger released a new book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. It's fantastic.

A good week, though a sub-par weekend. The plan was to go paddling for the duration, but I flipped, had my paddle knocked out of my hands by a rock, swam, and lost my paddle within about the first 5 minutes. I spent a couple hours looking for it, then drove out of the canyon to buy a new one. Then I hung around Ft. Collins, reading and drinking Gin and Tonics and wandering through a used car show, waiting for Chris to get done climbing. Even heard Lifehouse play a concert, which was... random. Chris was held hostage and forced to go to dinner with his buddies, about an hour away, and I got tired of killing time so I drove back to Denver.

Made a half-hearted attempt to get a paddling trip together yesterday, then ended up reading, biking around town, and hanging out with some people. Watched Kung Fu Panda. A. was in New Mexico, so I was bach'ing it for the weekend.

Last week the firm had a shindig in the Botanical gardens, where I got to get gussied up in my seersucker suit, wander around the gardens with A., and schmooze with the higher-ups. Good times.

We also played in a softball game last Tuesday, poorly, though we weren't quite mercy-ruled. And I lost a pair of sunglasses at an OK mexican restaurant. And A. and I had pretty decent Chinese takeout while watching Buloxi Blues, which, as it turns out, is funny. I had forgotten.

Tattoo inspiration:

This sort of line-drawing style


Another good week. A and I went to Potoger, a restaurant nearby that specializes in fresh, local ingredients. We had a fun dinner, with sugar snap peas with a mint cream freche, a chilled asparagus soup, goat cheese ravioli with nettle sauce, and a smoked cod in a soy broth with mushrooms and pea greens. Tasty tasty.

We also caught jazz in the park, bringing a picnic complete with sushi. A. has been riding with the Belle Jars, a weekly women's bike ride. We're going to try and get out to a pub quiz this week. And softball. And a garden party. And so on and so forth. Work is good, and busy, just like the rest of life.


Things have been going well; got out paddling last weekend and had a shopping day with A. We went to a show at the Fillmore last night and saw Phantom Planet, the Hush Sound, Motion City Soundtrack, and Panic At the Disco. It was a good show, though it was about 1000 degrees in the venue. We also headed over to Le Central, a little french place nearby that is fantastic. We both ordered appetizers and then split an order of Mussles Saffron with fries, and both got a flight of white wine. The whole thing was under $35. Fantastic. Last week we went to Pint's Pub for some pub grub and cask conditioned ale, also within walking distance. I love living in real city.