Annie and I did dinner at Mizuna last night, and her mom came in last night. It's the beginning of the end of the summer, which is pretty odd. Two weeks to go and then I'm done with the job.

Had one of the best dishes I've ever had at Mizuna. Duck breast with a risotto, confit, figs, and foie gras. Fantastic.


Fancy dress party


Hmm, lots of goings on lately. A quick summary:

The 4th was fun; saw some people and some fireworks and some gallery openings. Got stuck in traffic on the way out of the fireworks.

Hurt myself swimming through some rapids, but am now healed. I do have a pretty quality bruise though.

Went to the boundary waters with work people and Annie. It rained all 3 days. And we were hailed on the first day. Annie did not have a good first day. On the bright side, the second morning was sunny and pretty, and a good breakfast heated everybody up. And we had a good crew. And booze. So it wasn't all bad. Until I broke my fly rod and wouldn't talk to anyone for an hour or so. Then I got over it by reading the Wind in the Willows. So it goes.

Also went to the fancydress work party, which was... fancy. And saw old friends. And my parents. All was well.

Now back in Colorado, shopping for fly rods and chacos and wondering when it'll stop getting up to 90 during the day. Planning adventures for post-work, pre-school.

Bought my first major piece of art.

I think that's most of the hilights for now. Pictures... sometime.