My tiny, tiny room at the convent. Its saving grace was that it was just down the street from what may be the best cappuccino in the world.
Well, things have been busy. I'm back from Rome, which was a lot of fun. Saw a few too many church ceilings, but also managed to take in a cooking class, and plenty of good food and wine. The travel was a little tough; all of the sitting on the planes roughed up the back a fair bit, but it feels like things are starting to work themselves out. Mom and I stayed at a convent in the middle of Rome; a great location, but it felt like we were at a convent. Giant fire bells would go off at 8am every day. Time for breakfast. And the front door was locked at midnight, so there was this impression that we would turn into pumpkins if we stayed out too late. Our travels were disrupted a bit by a political riot, which was interesting. Oh, and we saw lots of old things.

No word on the job hunt yet. My days back in south bend have been full of trying to get the house cleaned up and trying to get all of my stuff out of the house. Oh, and the whole school thing. It's been a bit hectic. The clerkship interviews in Denver seemed to go well; I should hear back from both of the judges by Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anybody want to buy a house in South Bend?

The terrorists have won.


Got robbed again. Bad. The back door's hinges were kicked through the frame. Lots and lots of stuff gone. Not a good day.


Still hurt, still job hunting. Headed to Denver next week for a couple of interviews. Feels like fall.


Borked up my back on Tuesday. Went over the falls on a 12 foot wave on lake michigan with my back completely extended over the back of my cockpit. Hurt quite a bit. The rest of the evening was full of a dull pain, touched off with excruciating back spasms. I had planned to just go to the doctor in the morning, but after an hour or so of spasaming on the couch A. took me to the campus health services. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Nurse Practicioner on hand, so nobody could take an x-ray or write a script. Then it was off to the hospital. After 5 hours I had an X-Ray and CT taken. They found no fractures, just a slightly dispalced disk; they weren't sure if that was caused by this accident or from earlier.

They put me on painkillers and a muscle relaxant, both of which have helped. The spasams are pretty much gone, though moving around still hurts a fair bit. I hope to be back in classes tomorrow, but we'll see. I can get around, I'm just pretty gimpy when I do it.