Well, I managed to get out of finals alive. Fed Crim was a gift, Fed Tax was a 4 hour slog but was ultimately pretty fair, and white collar crime and environmental law were both pretty much what I had expected. After I packed everything up in South Bend (and exchanged presents with A.; a purse from italy for her, a soft shell, paddling booties, and a mandoline (the kitchen gadget, not the stringed instrument) for me, and I headed out. It was a little tough getting out of South Bend, since we had been hit with an ice storm on Friday. When A. and I were walking to our last final, we were getting hit with ice pellets and there was thunder and lightening overhead. Bleh.

I drove to my uncle Mark's, where I hung out for a day or so, hanging out with the cousins and beating them at board games, sledding behind the tractor, and going to a winter solstace party, where there was beer and fire. Lots of fire.

In the morning, I got up and threw a few pots with Mark and Mason, and then had to hit the road. Roads were icy for most of the drive, but I managed. Today, it's trying to stay warm, since it's -20 out, and running a few errands.


I've started playing team fortress 2. It's fantastic

Photo is artwork by Luke Chu; buy his stuff.


I've managed to study fed tax until I'm absolutely sick of it, which I guess is a good thing. Exam tomorrow, then Environmental law on monday, and white collar crime on friday. Dad bought an airplane. I get to throw pots in a week or so. It's snowing. And I guess that's most of my news.


A couple of good things actually happened today. Fetish, the company that built up the crankset that blew itself apart, told me to send it in and they would send me a replacement. I mentioned that it was my commuter, and the guy on the other end, Ryan, said that he'd make sure that it would get out to me fast. Stand-up guys.

Also, I crushed the MPRE (multi-state professional responsibility exam, the ethics part of the bar). 135, when a passing score was 85. Woot.
I've been fiddling with Pretty Bike for the past couple of days; still waiting to hear back from the company that manufactured the defective crank, which uses an ISIS spindle, which is annoying. I'll either get them to replace the spindle, or screw in a new bottom bracket and buy a cheap-ish crankset that isn't made out of something that splinters. Blarg.

I've fallen pretty hard for podcasts lately, since I have a longer commute now, and do more walking and such. This American Life, The Moth, and Radio Lab are all fantastic, and I'm breaking into more. I also picked up a few different audio books for the long drive back to MN, and the eventual flight to Atlanta.

The members of my favorite website did a secret santa exchange that I participated in. Haven't received my gift yet, but some lucky person is getting this.

The semester is ramping up to finals pretty hard at this point; my first is on Saturday. The biggest time-suck has been depo skills, which includes a fantastic amount of work that doesn't really amount to anything worthwhile. I like to think that I work more efficently than most, which is sort of at odds with how a lot of the depo skills assingments are setup. We'll see how that goes for me. The rest of the classes should be fine.

I feel like I'm slowly coming out of the funk that I've been in for a while; it's been a pretty tough semester on the whole, though that hasn't really had anything to do with school. Next semster should be better; I only really have one "standard" law school class, Business Associations, which is required. Besides that, I'll be getting credit for my work with the mock trial team, working at the legal aid clinic, and my journal. It should leave a little time for kayaking.


So, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, especially since my new commute is about 3x as long as my old one. I was listening to Radio Lab the other day and I heard some fantastic, fantastic music by Zoe Keating, a Canadian cellist. She uses a laptop and foot pedals to layer her own notes on top of her own notes, to great effect.
I have apparently not yet made my peace with the petty and vengeful spirit that seems to hate me. The photo is of my carbon fiber crankset on my shiny bike; the one I now have to ride in the snow since my snow/rain bike was stolen. I bought a new lock yesterday, and a new helmet today. When riding home from class today, my pedal felt like it was coming loose. I had one unthread itself once, and I assumed that's what was happening. Nope. See that little bit of silver in the hole? That's what's left of the threads that the pedal screws into. The rest of them are still wrapped around the pedal, apparently after coming unglued from the carbon. Suck. The silver lining was that I got a ride home from a nice man in a pickup truck who saw my pedal fall off. I put a phone call and an email into the company who made the crankset; hopefully they can iron things out.


My bike was stolen off of Annie's porch last night, along with my helmet and U-lock. Another $200 or so worth of stuff. It was locked to itself, but not to anything immobile, since it was my crappy, rusty, heavy bike with an ugly saddle and full fenders. The most annoying part is the lack of helmet and lock; those are going to have to be replaced. The bike's an annoyance as well, though I was going to get rid of it before I head to Denver anyway. SOUTH BEND CAN STOP STEALING THINGS FROM ME ANY TIME NOW.


I'm back in South Bend after a good thanksgiving break, though a terrible drive home (snowing, traffic, blah). A did pretty well when she met the family; lost a little money at cards, which was probably a good investment. I went back to the hometown bar to see if I could run into any old friends from high school, but it turned out that I didn't really want to talk to anybody that I saw there. Ironically, Minnesota was nicer and milder than South Bend; when I got back to the Bend it was cold and snowing. Now it's all ramping up to finals.