The only U-Boat in the U.S.

The train exhibit. That's the Seattle space needle in the background.

The Indiana dunes at the train exhibit. Kayakers in the foreground. It's a model of where I got hurt, actually.

More kayakers and trains, this time they're running whitewater.

The sub again, with torpedo.


The view from the John Hancock bar.

Dragons at Macy's.

The bean.

Had a great weekend with A. in Chicago. We started at the Art Institute, where we got to see a bunch of paintings I'd only read about, including Nighthawks, which I love. Then dinner at Russian Tea Time, along with a flight of house-flavored vodkas. It was fun, though a lot of the meal was pretty meat-centered. Fun place though; it was fun to see the staff greet all the regulars. Then to the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building for a drink and a view. Then to Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind; a great presentation of 30 plays in 60 minutes. The show was great; they could get a surprising amount across in the course of 2 minutes.

We couch-surfed, crashing on the couch and floor of a benevolent stranger. In the morning, we had a great, cheap breakfast at one of Obama's old haunts, and then it was off to the Museum of Science and Industry. We got to walk through the only German U-Boat in the U.S., which was fantastic. The museum is great; we got to go through a coal mine, play with ship's rigging, and see a giant, giant model railroad. It was a great trip.

In other good news, my replacement crankset finally showed up. Had a couple of great rides today after I got everything bolted together. Chatted with the owner of the bike shop, bought some booze, drank lots of coffee, got some work done. Tough to complain.