Well, it's a new year. Rung in the new year with A and her friends in Atlanta, then flew back to MN, and then the big drive back to South Bend. Today was pretty low-key, just cleaning up around the house and replenishing the larder.

In Atlanta, A and I saw the Bodies exhibit, as well as Dialogue in the Dark, where you're given a cane and led through a number of different exhibits by someone who is visually impaired. Both were pretty interesting.

The next year should be pretty exciting; it marks the transition from school to the real world, which ought to be exciting. It's going to be nice to get out of South Bend, and to move into a new place where I'll be able to stay for a while. Looking toward graduation is a little odd, since it's not really much of a break from anything. The bar prep starts about a week after graduation, so it's back to school until the bar.