Had another bread-baking adventure, this time with a crunchy wheat loaf that may have had a little bit too much crunch to it.

I finally broke down and bought an Xbox 360; I'm getting a decent tax refund and it's something I've been lusting after for a while now. It should be able to serve both as a video game system and an entertainment system; once I get everything tied together I should be able to push music and movies from my laptop, through the xbox via wifi, to the TV and stereo. I spent most of this morning setting up my extra router to use as a bridge; it took a while to get it together but I eventually got it. A. got me Left 4 Dead for V-Day/B-Day; nothing like a good zombie apocolypse game to break in the new system.

The high school mock trial team I'm assistant-coaching had its first set of trials last weekend, and didn't quite make it to state. We've still got one team we're fielding; they're up in about a week and a half. It's fun working with them; I like having a chance to double-check my knowledge of evidence and procedure. Hopefully this last team will have a run at state.

I've been getting out on the bike quite a bit more lately; the warm weather helps (65 degrees the other day, a record). I feel a lot better on the days I manage to get out on a ride.

We have another round of law school bowling tonight. Bowling is a little weird for me; over the past three years my law school social circle has fragmented a little bit, and I don't really feel like I have one big group of friends anymore. It's a bit of an adjustment from high school and college, where the theatre groups were just massive groups of friends, without any real subgroups. I miss having one cohesive group together.

That's about all of the white-knuckle news from around here; Spring Break is looking like long weekends on either end, with a trip down to Arizona to hang out with the parents and grandparents tucked in the middle. Hopefully I'll be able to track down some adventure on the ends.