I might be on the news in a couple of days; the local news affiliate came to our legal aid clinic to talk to us about the mortgage foreclosure mess.

Got my REI dividend. FREE GEAR WOO! Picking up a new pair of boots and a tent.

Phoenix with the family was good. Got to see a Titan II missile (see below) which was fun. Knocked some golf balls around (I can hit the crap out of the ball, but I always slice). Got some sunshine, got some work done, and generally relaxed.

Went straight from O'Hare to the car, and then off to Virginia and Tennessee for some kayaking (see boating blog).

Now it's back to the grind; not much school left on the whole. Still trying to sell the house, which is tough. It feels like spring has sprung around here tough, with makes things a little easier (except for going to class, which is made somewhat tougher).