I was down in Indianapolis this past weekend for the state high school mock trial competition. I’ve been coaching a team since November or so, and they made state this year. We headed down in the short bus on Friday afternoon; we talked about religion and I taught a few of them how to play hot dice. We had been put up at a hotel that was far too ritzy for us; The Columbia Club. Lots of wood paneling; we valet parked the short bus.

I had brought my Xbox and Rock Band, but the TV in the room was a hotel special, and the RCA ports had been nerfed. Eventually, two of the other coaches and I went on a road trip and tracked down an RF modulator, which tricked the TV into thinking that the information from the xbox was getting piped in through the regular cable connection. We were on.

Saturday was pretty exhausting; 3 trials, all of them pretty close. I had to go judge one trial, and got to preside, which was fun (especially with a mohawk). After dinner, it was back to the hotel room for more rock band; this time most of the team joined us. It was the first time I had played rock band with a full cadre of backup singers.

Sunday was quite a bit more relaxed; just one trial in the morning, followed by lunch and awards. The team ended up placing 7th, even though we were 4 points away from being in the finals (out of about 700). I was really proud of them; they had done well, and had duked out close trials all around.

Now it’s off to Phoenix to hang out with the family.