It's weird to think that I've been a member of a bowling league for going on three years now.

Looking at an interesting place in Denver, seen here. Annie and I played around a little with a 3D modeling program to try and figure out how big the place is, this is what we came up with: The tricky bit is that the owner wants to rent it a month or so earlier than I could move in; I'm trying to decide if it's worth the extra cash or not. Then again, it does have a rooftop patio...

Had a pretty low-key weekend; lots of Rock Band playing. Saw a so-so concert on campus on Friday; the Young Dubliners (who weren't young, nor were most of them Irish). Spring Break is in a week, and after that it's going to start feeling like we're headed for the home stretch. Less than 80 days left. Spring break should be all right; a trip down to Phoenix to visit the family, bracketed by the state mock trial tournament on one and and (hopefully) a kayaking trip on the other.

I have to go get an Indiana driver's license, which I'll hold for about three months. Annoying.