This past week my dad and I saw a nuclear missile silo, one of the Titan II sites in southern Arizona. It was quite the tour; the guide talked about how they kept the silo staffed, walked us through a mock launch, and showed us the silo. Some photos:

The first stage rocket engine. The missiles were mostly just big fuel pods.

The launch control booth. The tour guide, in blue, walked us through what a launch would look like from the control room.

Two mannequins staged in the silo, cleaning up after a fuel spill. The body of the missile is behind them.

The business end of the missile. The black bit is where the nuclear warhead would be. The glass at the top was added to the silo, largely for satellite ID, so the Russians and others can tell that the missile is inoperable.

The blast doors. That big metal pin to the upper right of the guide was one of 4 that held the 3 ton door shut.

Another shot in the control room. See that big spring behind the fan? The entire room was hung on those big springs. Lights and everything else were the same way, in order to insulate the whole place against shock waves in case Russian nukes were landing nearby.