We had a pair of mock trials for our Trial Ad course; one jury trial and one judge trial; we also served as witnesses for two other trials. It was a pretty good experience; it was interesting to see some of the differences between bench and jury trials. The jury for our trial was made up of h.s. students; they were out of deliberations in about 5 minutes. On the bright side, a couple of them repeated my case theme when explaining why they found in our favor. It made for a pretty long weekend, but it was a positive experience overall. Now we just have to fill out hundreds of pages of self-analysis paperwork. Whee!

I missed a kayaking trip this weekend to do the trials, which worked out well, since the boys went up to Michigan's UP and were turned back by ice shelves at every turn.

Obama is coming to speak at our graduation. It's sparked a fair bit of controversy, with a lot of people (or at least a very vocal minority) feeling that ND shouldn't invite speakers that are pro-abortion. Seems like a terrible way to approach graduation speakers; to think that they should only bring those that fall lockstep into the Catholic dogma. It's intellectually lazy, at the very best.