3L week has been fun, though pretty hard on the liver. We started things off with a wine tasting in southern Michigan, which was fun. Had some decent wines, though nothing out of this world, and got to hang out with some good people. Lead to a 5pm hangover though, which I suppose was part of the price of admission. The next day we had a 3 hour paintball game, which was a lot of fun. The fields we played at had a tire course, a big woods, capture the flag course, and a castle siege. Good times were had by all, and we only drew blood a few times.

After paintball I helped Dave move his stuff into storage; he's subletting in Chicago this summer before swinging through South Bend on his way to his clerkship in Fort Wayne. We almost didn't get everything into the tiny storage space, but we tetris-ed things enough so they fit. Then sushi for dinner, woo hoo!

Yesterday we went to Chicago for a Cub's game. We were supposed to spend the afternoon on an architecture tour of Chicago on a boat, which would have been a good time if the ND counsel's office didn't hate the liability waivers we got and canceled the thing. Annoying. Anyway, we ended up drinking beer for a few additional hours, then heading over to the game. It was a cool setup; Wrigley is small, but a number of the brownstones that are next to the field overlook the outfield. The owners have built bleachers on the rooftops, and have bars inside. We ate and drank and watched the game until it started pouring on us and we headed to the buses for a slightly soggy (and sloppy) ride home.