That's a very tiny President of the United States.

Well, the Notre Dame Law class of 2009 has graduated. Grad weekend was fun; A's family and I met each other for the first time, we got to see the President give a fantastic speech, and we don't have to go to law school anymore. We had a very pretty weekend, which was full of packing and festivities. My uncle sent a batch of beer brewing equipment with my parents that I had a bit of a time cramming into my car, but it eventually all came together. Never mind the fact that my car was riding about 1" off of its back axle due to all of the stuff crammed into it.

Commencement was great, and of course Obama's speech was fantastic. I think 4 protesters ended up getting thrown out. My favorite moment of the whole thing was when the second protester started yelling, and was shouted down by chants of "We Are ND." It was fantastic.

Graduation Day


Our section. There was a secret service agent in the front of our section in the same cap and gown; we picked him out thanks to the earpiece.

The dome is behind the statue.