What's that you ask for? A tour of the new apartment? I suppose. We actually got freaked out about the new apartment, since I tried to use my key in the wrong house, which had a trashy yard and, perhaps, a puppy farm. Then I found the right one. Horray! Flowers! High ceilings! A porch! The only other hiccup was getting ticketed when the landlord erroneously told me to move my car because of street sweeping, and I moved it to the far side of the street the one day out of the month it was illegal to do so. She let me knock the cost of the ticket off of rent. Awesome.

The sort-of-galley kitchen.

The TV now has something to sit on. Woo! More art to come once the frames get here.

Bookshelves. The bedroom is through the pocket doors.

Looking into the bedroom, past the now-deoderized couch.

The bar. Stools to come. Flowers from our landlord, from the garden.

Bed. With custom chalkboard paint.