Had a good Fourth of July; did a lot of boating and got away from barbri for a bit. Now it's time to buckle down; the exam is about 20 days away. I feel pretty decent about it; I did well on the practice exam, though my essays are still a little hit-or-miss.

The beer continues to improve; I've got the IPA, APA, Red, and Wheat all into bottles, along with a german hard cider that needs to clean up a little bit. I've also got a Scotch Ale, a Stout, and a Brown Ale in fermenters. The APA is fantastic; it's a clone of Mighty Arrow, the New Belgium summer seasonal. Great hop profile, nice body; good beer. I'm still waiting for the Red to even out a little; it's still a little overly sweet. Both the IPA and the Red were from pre-packaged kits; I think I'm going to do recipes that I've hunted down from now on.

No other big drama around here; I've been trying to bike to class as much as I can, though we just have a few of them left and then we're on our own to study. A random guy with a cape joined our group at the bar the other night, and we did not-fantastic at the local pub quiz (we need a deeper bench). Now I'm off to MN for a de-facto family reunion.