Well, we're done with the Colorado Bar Exam. It went fairly well; I'm sure I missed some questions but I think it went all right on the whole. I'll find out in a couple of months. We brought a bocce ball set and played a few rounds during the lunch breaks, which was a nice way to break things up. Some people were studying during the break and looking pretty miserable. I didn't see anyone completely freak out, though when we started the second essay period, the whole group of us got a bit of a lecture about how they know that we're under a lot of stress but that we need to be cordial to the staff, especially since they're there to try and help us. Someone must have freaked out.

We had some people over last night to celebrate, and today is pretty low-key. A. wants to hit a water park before we take off for Europe, and I may go backpacking for a couple days. Then we're off.