This past weekend I flew to Chicago for M's wedding.  It was a really fun weekend; mainly just bumming around Chicago with D. and his brother, eating giant pastrami and brisket sandwiches.  The only stroke of bad luck came when we didn't make it to Hot Doug's before closing in order to sample their foie gras hot dogs.  Something to look forward to for next time I suppose.  The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun.  It was nice to get a bit of a sense of the varieties that weddings come in; events with my family tend to be huge, loud, and always include the chicken dance.  Getting back to Denver was a bit brutal; my flight left Midway at 6am.  I'll try not to make that mistake again.


Tour de fat



Got out backpacking last weekend, which was beautiful.  P&C and I hiked up to Crater Lakes near Moffat Tunnel.  It was a short trip, just out for a night, but the lake was beautiful and the weather was good right up until when we hiked out, when it started raining.  Then Denver was socked in with clouds and drizzle for about 4 days.  First time that's happened since I got here.  It looks like it's finally passed though. Feels like fall.

I brewed a wheat beer last night, and am brewing my first consignment beer tonight.  My neighbor owns a brand-new graphic design firm and wants to give out bomber bottles of a stout and a pale ale as Christmas gifts.  When I went to the brew store last night I stumbled into a presentation by a company that produces brewing yeast on their new lager strains.  They had free food and beer.  It was fantastic.  

Continental divide


Spam. Cheese. Dried pineapple. Awesome.



The only bad thing about the first day of work is that a woman walked off with my newspaper when I was having lunch in the park.  You turn your back for one second to toss the sandwich paper, and your WSJ is gone.


The readjustment to Colorado has gone well; I managed to get out kayaking and brew another batch of beer, a Cascade-based IPA, since I"ve been back. A. is back in Atlanta for a bit, which takes some getting used to, and I'm about ready to start work. The month or so off is just about the right amount of time. Not a lot else new and exciting; it took me a full day to get my car emissions-tested, titled, registered, and to get a Colorado driver's license. Good times at the DMV.