Wolf Creek

Riding Wolf Creek


Wolf Creek


Mid Dec.

Well, it's mid december.  A$ and I have been getting up to the mountains a fair bit; we spent Saturday skiing Vail.  The snow isn't great yet, but it's plenty for me to learn on.  This time around we actually had snow to play on, instead of the man-made stuff that was freezing up at Keystone last weekend (it was at the end of a great condo trip with friends though, so I can't be heard to complain too much).  It's nice to have a new sport for this season, especially since I think this is the longest period of time I've been out of my kayak since I started kayaking.

As the photos below can attest, I had a batch of beer turn south on me.  Looks like it was a Brett infection, and it turned what should have been a nice pale ale into a cidery mess.  I ended up tossing the bucket.  In the meantime, I've made a tasty milk stout and another pale ale.


My first infected batch