The only U-Boat in the U.S.

The train exhibit. That's the Seattle space needle in the background.

The Indiana dunes at the train exhibit. Kayakers in the foreground. It's a model of where I got hurt, actually.

More kayakers and trains, this time they're running whitewater.

The sub again, with torpedo.


The view from the John Hancock bar.

Dragons at Macy's.

The bean.

Had a great weekend with A. in Chicago. We started at the Art Institute, where we got to see a bunch of paintings I'd only read about, including Nighthawks, which I love. Then dinner at Russian Tea Time, along with a flight of house-flavored vodkas. It was fun, though a lot of the meal was pretty meat-centered. Fun place though; it was fun to see the staff greet all the regulars. Then to the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building for a drink and a view. Then to Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind; a great presentation of 30 plays in 60 minutes. The show was great; they could get a surprising amount across in the course of 2 minutes.

We couch-surfed, crashing on the couch and floor of a benevolent stranger. In the morning, we had a great, cheap breakfast at one of Obama's old haunts, and then it was off to the Museum of Science and Industry. We got to walk through the only German U-Boat in the U.S., which was fantastic. The museum is great; we got to go through a coal mine, play with ship's rigging, and see a giant, giant model railroad. It was a great trip.

In other good news, my replacement crankset finally showed up. Had a couple of great rides today after I got everything bolted together. Chatted with the owner of the bike shop, bought some booze, drank lots of coffee, got some work done. Tough to complain.


My second swing at bread-making. The loaves turned out to be awful skinny, but they're very tasty. It's a sour cream bread, so it's a little tart, a little sweet, and with a great crust. I'll have to double up on the recipe next time, but I'll definitely make it again.


My now-chalkboard-ed coffee cup. Wasn't crazy about the color before (sort of a weird orange-red), and now I can leave myself notes. Woot.

It's crazy cold in South Bend. I have my first client coming in tomorrow to the Legal Aid clinic, so that should be exciting. Other than that, just trying to stay warm.


Here are some photos of Annie's birthday present, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer expedition kit, an investigation into the Sunnydale wreckage. It's based loosely on the art of alex cf. Included in the kit:

Watcher's Diary
Master's Bone Fragments
Oil Lamp
Holy Water
Mr. Pointy
Stake with Deputy Mayor's Blood
Troll Hair
Camo Fabric
Various Photos
Pages of the Watcher's Report
Band Candy
Blindfolded Doll Head
Orb of Thesullah
Mayor Meat
Snake Meat
Black Forest Beer
Claddagah Ring
Rose Quartz
Misc. Photos

Some Photos:

My house, as a model

Best. Scotch. Label.


Flying. This was before the window opened at 130 mph.

Fixed my coffee maker after I melted off all of the plastic bits. Yeah, it's a coat hanger.


Well, it's a new year. Rung in the new year with A and her friends in Atlanta, then flew back to MN, and then the big drive back to South Bend. Today was pretty low-key, just cleaning up around the house and replenishing the larder.

In Atlanta, A and I saw the Bodies exhibit, as well as Dialogue in the Dark, where you're given a cane and led through a number of different exhibits by someone who is visually impaired. Both were pretty interesting.

The next year should be pretty exciting; it marks the transition from school to the real world, which ought to be exciting. It's going to be nice to get out of South Bend, and to move into a new place where I'll be able to stay for a while. Looking toward graduation is a little odd, since it's not really much of a break from anything. The bar prep starts about a week after graduation, so it's back to school until the bar.