My favorite warning sign.

Tasty new bread


Porky bits

Anybody know what this little spiky pear-thing is? I saw one at the local latin grocery. Also, looks like I've almost got an apartment in Denver. I just need to sign a copy of the lease and I'm into a cute little place in a victorian off of 28th and Curtis.


So, I park most of my day-to-day money at ING Direct, and use that account to pay off my credit card monthly. Instead of making a tiny amount of interest at the credit union where I have my checking account, the ING account fluctuates between 2.5 and 3.5%. If you're looking for a new account, let me know; with a referral you get $25 free, and I get $10. Not a bad deal.
Chicago was a lot of fun; I went into town with a friend of mine and stayed with his sister and her boyfriend. There was a lot of eating good food, drinking good beer, and riding bikes. It made me even more excited to go to Denver and actually live in a city.

Saw an interesting thing on the way home; a UPS semi clipped another semi and tore open the side of the UPS trailer like an aluminum can. Packages and sweatshirts and DVDs were strewn all over the highway.

Only two and a half weeks left of classes. We're almost there.


I'm in the process of writing again; cooking up a law review article dealing with prosecutorial discretion and the war on drugs. I was going to try and do something about the oversight of financial crimes, but when I started doing the research on it it was just mind-numbingly boring to me. Since I'm basically just fishing for publication credit, not for any sort of grade or class, I'm not going to write for anything that I'm not interested in.

Had my first Seder dinner this past weekend, which was a lot of fun. It was busy, and made me thankful that I'm used to chaotic family gatherings. Now I'm off to Chicago for dinner and some bike riding tomorrow.


Python bracelet.

Nice rack


Had a good weekend; headed out to Madison to help fire my uncle's kiln. Tossed big chunks of pine into a 2300 degree kiln for a day or so, split some logs, drank some beer, got acquainted with a ball python, lost at Settlers of Catan, and ate some beer curds. Yum.

In other news, I broke down and bought an iPhone. My old phone was barely functioning as a phone; about 1/3 of my calls were garbled. I managed to get a refurbished iPhone for $100 by starting a new contract. The thing is amazing. Feels like living in the future. Granted, I was pretty impressed just by camera phones, but to get weather, email, wikipidia, and THE ENTIRE INTERNET on a little hand-held piece of glass is pretty amazing. No more calling around trying to get someone to get online to give us river levels when we're stuck in the middle of Tennessee anymore. Driving back from Madison, I listend to my Pandora stations all the way home. Cool stuff. The only downside was that the iphone has a built-in SIM card, so I had to hand-transfer all of my numbers over from my old phone (though some didn't make the cut). The silver lining was that the iphone syncs with google contacts, so I could do it on my laptop instead of on the little screen.

It snowed here last night. Boo.

The last, and perhaps biggest, piece of news is that I got an offer on the house. It's kind of a bittersweet victory, since they're offering significantly less than what I owe on the mortgage, but I think I lost that battle a while ago. We're losing on the sale roughly what I saved in not paying rent while I was living there, so it should be about a wash. It could be a lot worse I suppose. Closing should be this month, and it's going to be a cash sale, so things should go pretty smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed.