What's that you ask for? A tour of the new apartment? I suppose. We actually got freaked out about the new apartment, since I tried to use my key in the wrong house, which had a trashy yard and, perhaps, a puppy farm. Then I found the right one. Horray! Flowers! High ceilings! A porch! The only other hiccup was getting ticketed when the landlord erroneously told me to move my car because of street sweeping, and I moved it to the far side of the street the one day out of the month it was illegal to do so. She let me knock the cost of the ticket off of rent. Awesome.

The sort-of-galley kitchen.

The TV now has something to sit on. Woo! More art to come once the frames get here.

Bookshelves. The bedroom is through the pocket doors.

Looking into the bedroom, past the now-deoderized couch.

The bar. Stools to come. Flowers from our landlord, from the garden.

Bed. With custom chalkboard paint.
The drive out to Denver was fairly uneventful; A. and I were lucky enough to stay in North Platte, Nebraska. They had steaks there. And bears.


"Beaver Crossing"

Hello, Iowa. Ug, Nebraska's next...

That's a very tiny President of the United States.

Well, the Notre Dame Law class of 2009 has graduated. Grad weekend was fun; A's family and I met each other for the first time, we got to see the President give a fantastic speech, and we don't have to go to law school anymore. We had a very pretty weekend, which was full of packing and festivities. My uncle sent a batch of beer brewing equipment with my parents that I had a bit of a time cramming into my car, but it eventually all came together. Never mind the fact that my car was riding about 1" off of its back axle due to all of the stuff crammed into it.

Commencement was great, and of course Obama's speech was fantastic. I think 4 protesters ended up getting thrown out. My favorite moment of the whole thing was when the second protester started yelling, and was shouted down by chants of "We Are ND." It was fantastic.

Graduation Day


Our section. There was a secret service agent in the front of our section in the same cap and gown; we picked him out thanks to the earpiece.

The dome is behind the statue.


If you're not rolling down your windows to get more stuff in your car,
you don't know what real packing is like.



Wrigley view.
3L week has been fun, though pretty hard on the liver. We started things off with a wine tasting in southern Michigan, which was fun. Had some decent wines, though nothing out of this world, and got to hang out with some good people. Lead to a 5pm hangover though, which I suppose was part of the price of admission. The next day we had a 3 hour paintball game, which was a lot of fun. The fields we played at had a tire course, a big woods, capture the flag course, and a castle siege. Good times were had by all, and we only drew blood a few times.

After paintball I helped Dave move his stuff into storage; he's subletting in Chicago this summer before swinging through South Bend on his way to his clerkship in Fort Wayne. We almost didn't get everything into the tiny storage space, but we tetris-ed things enough so they fit. Then sushi for dinner, woo hoo!

Yesterday we went to Chicago for a Cub's game. We were supposed to spend the afternoon on an architecture tour of Chicago on a boat, which would have been a good time if the ND counsel's office didn't hate the liability waivers we got and canceled the thing. Annoying. Anyway, we ended up drinking beer for a few additional hours, then heading over to the game. It was a cool setup; Wrigley is small, but a number of the brownstones that are next to the field overlook the outfield. The owners have built bleachers on the rooftops, and have bars inside. We ate and drank and watched the game until it started pouring on us and we headed to the buses for a slightly soggy (and sloppy) ride home.


Well, the fiddley bits for my bike finally arrived today; hopefully they won't fail catastrophically again. We're going with aluminum this time instead of carbon, so it's heavier but should be a lot sturdier. They even sent me a hat; probably since the turnaround was around a month. Chainrings too.

Started watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad; pretty decent show about a high school science teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and starts cooking meth to try and set something aside for his family. Enough for a story.


Well, that's it for law school, God willing. I had my last final today; Business Associations. It went well, though I was almost screwed on a big question because I remembered to bring all of my materials except for my supplement. Fortunately, the prof. handed out the relevant portions of the supplement to those who needed them about halfway through the exam. Aside from that scare, I feel pretty good about it.

If I bank a 4.0 this semester I get to graduate magna cum laude instead of cum laude, but I'm not very confident that'll happen. Who knows though.

Done with law school celebration lunch


We're rolling up on finals pretty quick here; I've just got one of them to worry about, so hopefully I'll be well-prepared. I've started doing a bit of packing and culling of my possessions, even though I'm not out of here for a couple more weeks yet. I'm really excited to be getting out to Denver, especially since it's starting to get nice and the rivers are starting to run. I've been hunting craigslist for a lot of apartment furnishings; I'm basically going to roll into Denver with a handful of cash and will start fresh. I'm only packing out to Denver what I can fit in my car. Should be an adventure.