The beer brewing is going pretty well; the IPA turned out nicely. I'm bottling a Red Ale and maybe a wheat beer this week, a week after that maybe an American Pale Ale if I clear enough bottles, and after that a german hard cider. Then the brown ale that I'm brewing on Wed. That should build up a pretty healthy pipeline. After that, who knows. Maybe I'll get started on a porter or a stout to let it age for a long time before fall rolls around.

A. and I booked our tickets for our bar trip. We're flying into Amsterdam and out of London; staying in Europe for 22 or 23 days. We want to hit Greece and maybe France; flights through Easy Jet are pretty cheap, and it looks like we have somewhere to stay in London. Should be a good trip.


I made beer


Beer brewing party. Note brownies.

Cooling my third wort. Big time cold break.

Post-thunderstorm clouds over the first friday art walk on Santa Fe.


Well, we're pretty well settled into Denver. The apartment actually looks like an apartment, and I've already hosted a number of houseguests. The bar courses are going into full swing this week. We just had a few courses the past couple of weeks, but now it's a 5 day week from here on in for some time. The classes are fine, though since they're being recorded we can't ask any questions, so we're just talked at for three hours every morning. I've been getting a fair amount of kayaking in; I figure that as water levels go down, studying will go up, and the water tends to run out once July comes around anyway, which is really when I need to start putting my head down.

In other news, I wish people would quit stealing my stuff. Annie and I went down to the Santa Fe district for First Friday, when all of the galleries open up their new collections. While we were there, someone unbolted my bike seat and seatpost. They brought tools. Jerks. They've both been replaced, through the generouisity of friends and dropping some cash at REI.

I've been brewing some beer lately; I have both an IPA and a Red Ale in primary fermenters. I'm going to bottle the IPA later this week, and a couple of weeks after that it should be ready to drink (though technically it's beer as I type this). Brewing is quite a bit of fun; it's like cooking with a little bigger focus on procedure and chemistry. It's nice getting somewhat immersed in something new and trying to get a handle on, if not master, the technique. Next up is probably going to be a Gumball Head wheat beer clone. We'll see how it goes. It's helpful that there is a pretty well stocked homebrew store not far from REI.

That's most of the major news. I've been meeting some new friends in Denver and trying to reconnect with some of the old ones. A. and I have gotten into watching Friday Night Lights, and saw Terminator last night. So far, she's studying more than I am, though I'm ok with that so far. We've picked up and rehabbed furniture, and broke down and bought a new bed after the first one was too marshmallow-ey. So far, the apartment is working out great, and now it's time for cocktails.