Well, we're done with the Colorado Bar Exam. It went fairly well; I'm sure I missed some questions but I think it went all right on the whole. I'll find out in a couple of months. We brought a bocce ball set and played a few rounds during the lunch breaks, which was a nice way to break things up. Some people were studying during the break and looking pretty miserable. I didn't see anyone completely freak out, though when we started the second essay period, the whole group of us got a bit of a lecture about how they know that we're under a lot of stress but that we need to be cordial to the staff, especially since they're there to try and help us. Someone must have freaked out.

We had some people over last night to celebrate, and today is pretty low-key. A. wants to hit a water park before we take off for Europe, and I may go backpacking for a couple days. Then we're off.


Study Study Study. We're less than a week and a half out from the bar exam. I saw Andrew Jackson Jihad last night at Rhino, and it was a fantastic show. It also must have been over 100 degrees in the venue by the time the show was over. Fantastic though. Harpoontang was also there, and similarly fantastic. I brewed some more beer the other night as well, this time an IPA that should be deserving of the name. We've got tickets booked for Europe; flying into Amsterdam, then Greece, then London. If you have a place to crash out there, let me know.

Now, back to studying.


Had a good Fourth of July; did a lot of boating and got away from barbri for a bit. Now it's time to buckle down; the exam is about 20 days away. I feel pretty decent about it; I did well on the practice exam, though my essays are still a little hit-or-miss.

The beer continues to improve; I've got the IPA, APA, Red, and Wheat all into bottles, along with a german hard cider that needs to clean up a little bit. I've also got a Scotch Ale, a Stout, and a Brown Ale in fermenters. The APA is fantastic; it's a clone of Mighty Arrow, the New Belgium summer seasonal. Great hop profile, nice body; good beer. I'm still waiting for the Red to even out a little; it's still a little overly sweet. Both the IPA and the Red were from pre-packaged kits; I think I'm going to do recipes that I've hunted down from now on.

No other big drama around here; I've been trying to bike to class as much as I can, though we just have a few of them left and then we're on our own to study. A random guy with a cape joined our group at the bar the other night, and we did not-fantastic at the local pub quiz (we need a deeper bench). Now I'm off to MN for a de-facto family reunion.



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