I failed my moped test the other day with the rental guys.  You almost drive into a van in the parking lot and they yank that bad boy right out from under you.  ATVs it was then.  Santorini is beautiful, though it was good to get away from the crowds when we could.  Today we're bumming around for the most part, and then we catch a fast ferry for Crete.  We're in Crete for less time than we had hoped; the ferry and plane schedules didn't quite work out the way we wanted them to.  So we're there for a full day, and then we're out on an early flight to London via Athens.  Should be a pretty big change from the islands.



We have arrived in Santorini, perhaps the most beautiful of the greek islands, but maybe the most tourist-infested as a result.  Most of those sunset photos you've seen where the sun is setting over whitewashed buildings on a cliff were taken here.  Fortunately, we found a great hostel on the quiet side of the island that is on a cliff just above the water.  We will be here for a few days, just hanging out today, but renting a moped tomorrow and cruising out to the volcano the day after.  Naxos was great; my favorite day of the trip so far was probably tooling around the island on an ATV, hiking Mt. Zeus, and playing in the surf.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.
No pictures for the time being; I need to have wifi to upload them from my phone. 


Planes, trains...


The acropolis



A. and I have made it to Athens.  Amsterdam was fun; we stayed with fantastic couchsurfing hosts.  They let us cook dinner for them on the first night (we did burgers with blue cheese and balsamic, with sauteed shallots) and they made dinner for us on our other two nights.  We did a boat tour, saw the Van Gough museum and Our Lord in the Attic (a Catholic church built among the attics of three houses while Catholicism was outlawed) and did a lot of wandering about.  It looks like we may have budgeted an extra day or so in Athens, but I'm sure we'll find something to do. 



Well, it's off to Amsterdam today. Annie and I are on different
flights but we will arrive within a couple hours of each other.

Beth and I went backpacking over the weekend. Out campsite was great,
but over half of the trail wa open to 4wd travel, which was annoying.
We were going to hike a peak too, but the wind was gusting to 60 or so
ond the ridges on both days which made it tough to stand. Fortunately
our campsite down in the valley was well-protected.