President's Day

President's day weekend was a bit of a bust.  I had a root canal on Friday, came down with a fever, and spent most of the long weekend laying around the apartment.  Not fantastic.  This weekend A. and I are headed up to Keystone to share a condo with the couchsurfers though, which should be fun.

Things have settled into a steady routine lately; A. and I both off to work in the mornings, dinner at home, and various social-ey things scattered throughout the week, usually skiing one day of the weekend or so.  I've started to keep my eyes open for job openings that might suit me, and have fired off a couple of applications, though nothing real solid has come out of them yet.  It sounds like things are starting to come through for people who have been hunting for work for a while, so maybe things are starting to loosen up.  Fingers crossed.