Car Crash

Well, we were in a car crash last weekend.  Everyone was fine; I think I ended up with the worst injury with a bruised elbow.  Not bad for hitting a cement divider at 60mph.  We were coming back from skiing at Keystone, and about 20 minutes out of Denver on I-70, Annie's left front tire blew out.  We were in fairly heavy traffic in the left lane, and we bounced off of the cement divider and started swerving, hard.  Fortunately, we didn't hit anybody, and nobody hit us.  Annie managed to get the car back under control and get us to the right-hand shoulder.  Everyone was a little shook up, but ok.  The car, not so much.  The radiator was bleeding pretty bad, and the bumper was trying to smear off of the front of the car.  AAA and the cops showed up, and we got everything under control.  An amazing feat of automotive engineering that you can ricochet off of a solid object doing 60 and everybody walks away.