Well, I tried to paralyze myself this weekend, or so it seems.  I went kayaking down at Confluence Park yesterday, just to get back in the boat and remember how to do things like eddy turns and paddling.  I was fetching a bag of paddling gear from the big cabinet above my closet, when the leg of the stool I was standing on folded.  My head and neck bounced off of the corner of my bed, and the rest of me fell past it.  Quite sore this morning, which, all things considered, isn't all that bad.

Yesterday was gorgeous; got some kayaking in, played bocce ball with random people I met in the park, and halfway learned to knit while lounging about in the sun.  Hard to complain.

Last weekend was a lot of fun; I had a great day tooling around on Saturday, biking around, shopping through REI, went to the beer store, hung out with friends.  Then I was talked into going snowboarding on Sunday, when Breckenridge happened to get hit with 9 inches of snow. Plenty of powder everywhere, and even good coverage on the runs that were getting tracked up.  Lots of fun, though the snow in the mountains meant that I was late fetching A. from the airport.