Hey, a weekend without any physical peril!  Horray!  

In fact, it was a nice, low-key weekend.  A big of shopping with A$, then dim sum (my first time for dim sum.  Oh, it was fantastic, let me tell you.  Tasty, tasty pork buns), then a beer and cheese tasting (Sabetour from Odell's is going to be fantastic), a bit of shopping, cobbling together beer brewing equipment, drinking beer on rooftops, bottling a wheat beer.  Tough to complain.

The beer tasting was a lot of fun; for a fair bit of it B. and I just hung out by some of the breweries' tables and chatted about (and drank) beer.  Interestingly, one of the moments that really sticks out was when everyone was closing up shop.  The tasting ended at 4, and it was probably 10 after or so, and most of the breweries were out of beer (15 or so in all).  Upslope Brewing, from Boulder, has a lousy IPA and a decent pale ale.  They had a case or two left, that their reps were packing up.  B. and I wandered over and asked if they needed any help getting rid of their beer.  They were downright rude.  Rudeness + mediocre-at-best beer.  Not a good combo.