Had a fantastic trip at Chris and Sophia's wedding. The wedding was fun, as was the bar tour of wonderful downtown Juneau. The bachelor party was on a salmon fishing charter, where we caught 19 fish and kept 5 cohos.

After the wedding, I tacked on an extra week to go sea kayaking with a couple of the groomsmen. We tagged along with a tour boat to get dropped off at the end of Tracy Arm in front of the South Sawyer Glacier. The glacier calved huge a few times, dropping off house-sized chunks of ice and sounding like thunder. We camped on Sawyer Island overnight, and then the next day visited Sawyer Glacier and went back to South Sawyer. We hiked up to a rocky campsite that overlooked the face of the glacier, and watched the glacier calve during cocktail hour and dinner. The next morning I woke up early and moved my sleeping bag and pad outside to doze and watch the glacier. The next night we camped along a gorgeous little gorge just above a class V rapid. That camp was complete with bear shit and claw markings on a rock. Our weather was gorgeous; we probably caught the best string of 4 days the area will see, with bluebird days and 75 degree temps. It rained on our last day, and we realized that the trip would have been a lot different if it would have rained every day as we had expected. We spent the last couple of days paddling out of the arm, but only ended up paddling 4 hours a day or so at most. One day it was so warm that we found a waterfall that formed a slip and slide into the ocean.


Best. Campsite. Ever.