Breck and Snow

Had a good day at Breck yesterday; they caught about 6" of snow, which was enough to make a difference.  Easily the best snow we've seen at the I-70 resorts this season.  The drive home was tough though; Loveland pass was closed and the road up to Eisenhower was icy and full of blowing snow.  It took us about an hour and a half from Frisco to the tunnel entrance.  We listened to the audiobook of World War Z by Max Brooks.  It was fantastic.  The book is setup as an oral history of the zombie war, and they produced the reading with a bunch of different actors.  It helped the time pass quickly.



The long weekend was a lot of fun.  Annie and I headed up to the mountains for the duration, staying with the couchsurfers in a condo the first night and with some friends at a friends-of-friends' condo the second night (with a hot tub on the porch.  awesome).  We hit keystone the first day (icy, not fantastic), A-Basin the second (not fantastic, but had a great atmosphere and some pretty good skiing) and Vail on monday (beautiful skiing, though not enough snow yet).

The mock trial team that I've been coaching has fallen apart; we just didn't have enough committed students to make it work.  I'm going to see if I can start helping out with another school soon.

I could definitely get used to the winters out here.  40s and 50s for the most part, with snow up in the mountains.



We had a good Christmas and New Year's down in Pagosa.  My parents rented out the oddly-sized lodge that they have access to.  It was just the three of us for Christmas, but then things swelled to seven for New Year's.  As the photos show, we managed to get down to Wolf Creek for a number of days.  They had a ridiculous amount of snow.  A., B., and I were out one day when we got dusted with 16" of powder.  It was a lot of fun; I'm still at that point in my learning curve where I feel noticeably better at snowboarding at the end of the day then I do at the beginning.

Dad and I took a road trip up to Craig, CO for a job interview.  It's a long way from anywhere.  The drive was pretty though.  

Though the trip was good, it was also good getting back.  I drove through ice and snow to get out to Pagosa, but getting back was easy.  Then I took about a day to unpack and play a bunch of video games.  Fallout 3 is fantastic, as is Burnout Paradise.