Interesting Week

Well, it's been a busy week.  I've had three job interviews (two initial, one callback) and three additional invitations for interviews in the past week.  After a pretty long drought, it's good to see that things are picking up.  It's especially heartening that all of the positions are coming from cold applications, not from friends-of-friends or something of the sort, so I know my resume is holding up pretty well.  We'll see what happens.


Tearing down gabe's garage


2 Crashes 1 Month

Well, another death-defying weekend.  On Sunday Preston and I were going to go kayaking on Gore Canyon on the Colorado.  We got an early start, and were driving down the put-in road at around 10:30.  A storm had passed through the area, and the road was slushy and snowy, but manageable.  We were in his little pickup; since it was rear-wheel drive (note the past-tense) it wasn't the most sure-footed vehicle out there.  Anyway, the rear end slid a bit here and there, but bits of gravel were showing through the snow and it wasn't too terrible.  Then we came over the ridge and started dropping over the other side, where nothing had melted and the road was still a sheet of ice.  We were going slow, but the rear end started sliding out anyway.  When we were traveling downhill and sideways, Preston said "we're done."  I replied "this is not good" about half a second before we hit the ditch and, soon thereafter, a big aspen.  It slammed into the right rear fender, or rather, the right rear fender slammed into the tree.

We got out, somewhat shaken but all right.  Our kayaks had been thrown from the rear of the truck.  An aspen branch had punctured the tire, and it was no longer pointed at the front of the truck.  It looked like the bed had shifted about 4 inches to the left as well.  We weren't driving home.

We hitchhiked to the take-out and met up with our friend Kevin.  The rest of the morning was filled with dealing with cops and AAA reps.  And building a snowman while Preston talked with those guys.  No kayaking for us, though we may try it again tomorrow.

The rest of the weekend went measurably better.  Saturday was basically eating and drinking for the duration; up early to try and catch the REI garage sale, dim sum, then brewing beer and eating cow, then beers at falling rock (Dogfish Head 90 minute on tap, mmmm) and then roller derby.  Good times.